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Cooperative Extension Offers Free Spanish Publications

Posted 5/27/2008

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) offers hundreds of research-based, free online publications on their website on a variety of topics including horticulture and nutrition. UNCE has also published over 80 articles and fact sheets in Spanish. These Spanish language publications, located on the UNCE website, contain information on children and parenting, health and nutrition, and many other topics.

Several publications discuss important topics for parents, including what to expect in baby’s first year. The Boletin Informativo Para Los Padres Viditas series provides parents with a monthly guide of their baby’s development, from birth to 12 months. Learn what to expect each month, such as when teeth usually begin to appear and what age your baby will probably begin to talk. Also, look for many articles regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) and how to prevent it.

UNCE can also help you with health and nutrition, with information regarding vegetarian diets, controlling high blood pressure and more. Perhaps you are curious about which products don’t contain any lactose. The Comprar Productos Sin Lactosa fact sheet will help you make decisions on lactose-free products. Or maybe you are interested in how much fiber you need to consume daily and how to meet the requirement. Learn which foods contain the most fiber and also see a sample menu to help you get enough fiber in your diet.

Find these articles and many more on the UNCE website. For more information and to read the Spanish publications, visit the UNCE website, click on the publications tab and then click on the "Publicaciones en Español" link.

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