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Advertising continues to influence children

Posted 5/27/2008

Money Sense aims to make families more advertising savvy

LAS VEGAS-You see advertising everywhere you go — home, supermarket or the movies.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) has released the fifth lesson of "Money Sense for Your Children," which looks at the pressures of advertising for free and online at

Radio, Internet or TV, it’s hard to escape advertisement, ranging from the newest and more fuel-efficient car to the latest Cover Girl makeup. Even movies continue to stay clever every year with product placement.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, children ages 2 to 11 saw 25,600 total TV ads and 2 1/4 hours of ad-supported TV a day in 2004, which doesn’t include Internet, print media or movies.

The fifth lesson in educating children about money gives an in-depth definition on advertising and its effects on adults and children. For example, "fear" ads imply that if you don’t use a product, you will lose your boyfriend or girlfriend, be seen as an outsider or won’t be able to compete for jobs or grades.

"Money Sense for Your Children" takes a step-by-step approach about advertising, its effects and family-oriented discussions.

The family approach can be most beneficial because of discussions, which can break down advertisement in basic terms. For example, information and persuasion are things to look in an ad, but analyzing it can make the family more informed about its purpose. From preschoolers to teenagers, the lesson helps parents educate their children about finances and advertising and how to use it to help get the best deal.

To learn more about advertising influences your child, visit and click on the publications tab and search "advertising" under the title category.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is an outreach arm of the University that extends unbiased,research-based knowledge from the University—and other land-grant universities—to local communities. Educational programs are developed based on local needs, sometimes in partnership with other agencies and volunteers. For more information about University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, please visit the website at or call (702) 222-3130.

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