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Weed-Free Hay Workshop

Posted 4/29/2008

GARDNERVILLE — Along with fuel and food prices, hay prices are also rising. According to the Nevada Agricultural Statistics Service, hay prices averaged $167 per ton in March 2008. “Certified weed-free” hay can fetch even higher prices, and helps prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Local farmers can learn how to produce certified weed-free hay at a free “Weed-free Hay Workshop,” 10 a.m. — noon, May 19, at the Cooperative Extension Conference Room, 1329 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville.

“Certified weed-free” means that the hay fields have been inspected and found to be free of noxious weeds. Certified weed-free hay is baled with special twine that identifies it as “weed-free certified.” According to Steve Lewis, Douglas County Extension Educator, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, “Weed-free certification may add some costs to an agricultural operation initially, but it pays dividends overall.” Lewis states, “Producers that endure the certification process have an extra set of eyes on their fields scouting for weeds. This not only benefits the producer, but also assists us in the war on weeds throughout the Carson Valley.” Noxious weeds, once established, often take over agricultural, natural wilderness and recreational land. They end up costing us millions of dollars in control efforts and contribute to water quality problems and other environmental problems.

Several experts will present more information on noxious weeds and producing weed-free hay at the “Weed-free Hay Workshop,” including Scott Marsh, Noxious Weeds Regulatory Specialist, Nevada Department of Agriculture; Earl Creech, State Weed Specialist, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension; and Larry Hughes, Douglas County Weed Control Coordinator. For more information, contact Lewis at (775) 782-9960.


  • What: Weed-free Hay Workshop
  • When: 10 a.m. — noon, May 19
  • Where: University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, 1329 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville.
  • Who: Contact University of Nevada Cooperative Extension in Douglas County, (775) 782-9960

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