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Parenting made easier with eXtension

Posted 4/17/2008

First-time, veteran parents now have access to helpful information

Both first-time and veteran parents can benefit from the newly-launched eXtension, an online resource filled with research-based articles, news items and frequently asked questions on a variety of topics. From learning what to expect during the first months of a newborn to hints for preparing a new babysitter or baby-proofing your home, eXtension can provide useful tips and information in making the parenting process flow smoothly. is a new online resource, a partnership with 74 land grant universities including University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) that provides objective, free research-based information regarding parenting.

With many books and websites available, eXtension is a credible resource, guaranteed with research-based information. Parents now can be more prepared in caring for their newborns and facing common challenges using eXtension. Just in Time Parenting (JITP), an outreach innovation of quality information for families provides age-paced newsletters that can be downloaded and printed, fact sheets, frequently asked questions and access to experts across the country.

On the FAQs page, one parent was worried that her child called her teacher "Mama" and asked if the child thinks the teacher is the mother. One of the experts replied that research has shown that infants form strong bonds with their caregivers, but "research also shows that caregivers do not replace parents."

JITP offers parents a monthly guide of their baby’s development from birth to 12 months. Also, you can learn what to expect each month, helpful tips include exercise and keeping the relationship with your spouse a priority.

For example, there are more than 15 items available on the eXtension site about a baby’s first month such as learning the baby’s perspective at this age, breastfeeding tips, bathing and talking to your baby. Many articles are accessible to parents and include relevant diagrams and photographs to help illustrate important points.

To view JITP on the eXtension website, go to UNCE and look for the eXtension logo in the lower left-hand corner. If you can’t find the answer to your specific question, check out the parenting FAQ database which contains valuable information, or use the Ask an Expert option to get a personal answer from an eXtension expert. Visit often for website updates of new articles and resources, as well as the continuation of JITP for your baby’s second year.

Along with parenting issues, eXtension covers a wide range of topics including horticulture, wildlife and finance. With dynamic content and more topics on the way, the website has timely information on issues important to you, no matter where you live.

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