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Looking for informative financial help?

Posted 3/27/2008

Consumers can learn to manage finances from eXentsion

Good credit? Bad credit? University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) has information to help.

While more consumers are engaging in installment loans, credit cards, department store revolving charge accounts, home equity loans and other kinds of credit, financial management has become an effective tool to help consumers successfully handle debt. With its launch this month, has ample information to help people seeking finance advice and help. is a new online resource, a partnership with 74 land grant universities including UNCE that provides objective, free research-based information regarding consumer credit.

With many resources available online, eXtension is a credible resource, guaranteed with research-based information. Consumers now can be more prepared financially using eXtension. The site’s finance section provides helpful information to budget management and credit strategies that include periodic credit reports.

For example, some strategies include avoiding the overuse of credit and reducing interest and finance charges paid for the use of credit.

The Frequently Asked Questions page can help consumers through real-life situations, such as credit card interest and payday loans cost. When one person asked about credit card interest, one of the eXtension experts replied with an in-depth breakdown about different kinds of interest rates.

For example, the expert talked about three different methods - previous balance, adjusted balance and average daily balance - and provided examples of common situations. With the average daily balance method, the creditor may figure your average daily balance either including or excluding newly billed purchases.

To view consumer credit on the eXtension website, go to UNCE ( and look for the eXtension logo in the lower left-hand corner. If you can’t find the answer to your specific question, check out the FAQ page which contains valuable information, or use the Ask an Expert option to get a personal answer from an eXtension expert. Visit often for website updates of new articles and resources.

Along with consumer credit issues, eXtension covers a wide range of topics including horticulture, wildlife and parenting. With dynamic content and more topics on the way, the website has timely information on issues important to you, no matter where you live.

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