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4-H Horse Levels Training

Posted 3/5/2008

A 4-H Horsemanship Levels Training for 4-H Staff and/or 4-H Leaders wishing to learn about Horse Levels Programming/Teaching will be held on May 13, 14, & 15, 2008 at Gallagher Land and Livestock Indoor Arena in Lamoille, NV. Participants will learn how to rate the riders as they proceed through their riding skills/demonstrations. It will be a hands-on learning experience with ample time to address questions from attendees. Instructors will evaluate and discuss the scoring system/approach utilized which provides Positive Development for the Youth. 4-H Staff and 4-H Leader participants will also have the opportunity to use and practice this scoring/rating system.

This training presents various teaching-learning situations and how to handle these situations for positive subject matter education and positive youth development. The program begins with the very basics of horse safety, handling, and knowledge because a solid, consistent, and positive foundation is extremely important. The program progresses to advanced aspects of horse information and skills. However, safety and proper basics are stressed throughout the program, and the skills learned in the beginning levels are reflected in properly mastering the more advanced levels.

If you have desire additional details, please review the Information Packet. For specific questions, please contact Myrna Fisher via email at or via telephone at 775-738-0643; or contact Steve Schafer at or via telephone at 775-784-6207.

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