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Prevent Freeze Damage in southern Nevada

Posted 2/11/2008

Freeze damage is not something often thought of in connection with southern Nevada’s semi-tropical desert climate, but freezing temperatures do occur. Using a new publication from University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE), entitled Freeze Damage to Plants in Lower Elevations of southern Nevada, equip yourself with information on recognizing potential signs of freeze damage as well as how to prevent your plants from getting harmed. This research-based article offers ways to avoid freeze damage during the colder months.

Research shows that freezing temperatures occur most often in southern Nevada between the months of December and March. During these extra cold months, it is important to prepare for freeze and frost damage that may occur in your garden. Damage can occur on nights when the temperature is above freezing and even if there is no frost.

Many plants can be injured or killed by freezing temperatures. The UNCE article explores several factors which influence the susceptibility of plants to freezing weather, which include the type of plant, fertilizer practices and overall duration of the freeze. The publication also outlines what to look for when picking out plants for southern Nevada, including avoiding plants that bloom and produce leaves early in the season as new growth such as flowers, leaves and developing fruit are most vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

Being knowledgeable about how and why plants freeze can help you take the right steps in preventing freeze damage to your plants. The publication explains what to do before, during and after a freeze to ensure that your plants remain healthy and undamaged.

For more information on preventing freeze damage in southern Nevada, read the article on the UNCE website. UNCE offers several research-based, free online publications on their website on a variety of topics including horticulture, health and nutrition, and community development.

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