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Walker River Basin Works Days at Weber Reservoir create Wetland

Posted 11/21/2007

The Walker River Workday at Weber reservoir was a success as 6th — 8th graders at Schurz Elementary School learned how to establish a functional wetland. The workday, organized by Vicki Moyle, Walker River Paiute Tribe Projects Office and Randy Emm, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Indian programs, was one of several workdays for youth in the Walker River Basin watershed this year.

The Walker River Basin Workday was made possible from funding provided by the Walker River Paiute Tribe and the Western Nevada Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) council as part of the Walker River Basin Project. UNR Cooperative Extension Indian Programs and the Walker River Paiute Tribe’s Project Office have been working on organizing this event with Schurz Elementary School since September.

Students began the day by being divided into 4 groups with each group assigned a section of wetland to create. Each group tested the soil, planted bull rush and cattail plants and seeded selected wetland plants. The names of the groups included swamp monsters, Sashquatch, water babies and Numa (Paiute word for “the people”). The students also were involved in the water journey activity and discussed the water cycle.

The highlight of the event was planting trout in Weber reservoir after lunch. Dan Kaffer, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Dave Schildt, Walker River Paiute Tribes fishery Department, coordinated with US Fish and Wildlife service to allow students the opportunity to release 200 fingerlings into Weber Reservoir. Students all had a great time while being involved in hands-on learning.

The day was a success and we would like to thank Mineral County School District for providing buses and bus drivers and Schurz Elementary School including the principal Vivian Powell and all 6-8 grade teachers. We also would like to thank Staci Emm and Kellie Zuniga from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Mineral County, local volunteer Joe Rogers, Tony Hughes of Mineral County Independent News, US Fish and Wildlife Service and Linda Conlin of Carson River Wranglers for supporting and teaching parts of the program.

We also would like to thank Dan Kaffer and Patty from Natural Resources Conservation Service and all Walker River Basin Work Day partners which include Chichester Ranch, Hunewill Ranch, FM Fulstone Ranch, Borsini Ranch, Walker River Paiute Tribe, Bureau of Land Management, Lyon County School District, Mason Valley and Smith Valley Conservation Districts, Mineral County, Mineral County School District, Mono Conservation District, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Mineral County.

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