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Holiday Food and Health Tip #3: Coping with the holidays

Posted 11/19/2007

The season of tempting food and drink is upon us. Whether you celebrate the eating season or just try to survive it, having some food strategies in place will help you cope. Choose a few to practice from the list below:

  • Plan to eat regular meals. You're better able to handle temptation if we're not starving.
  • Eat a snack if meals are delayed or if you'll be eating later than usual.
  • Eat healthy "filler" foods -- fresh fruit, veggie, popcorn -- to control hunger.
  • Be choosy about your holiday treats. Ask yourself if the calories are truly worth it.
  • Face away from the buffet table and use a smaller plate.
  • Drink lots of water and chew gum.
  • Practice polite refusals, such as, "Your cake looks delicious, Aunt Sally, but I just ate."
  • Limit the size and number of high-calorie drinks, such as sodas, eggnog, and alcohol. Aim for no more than a few drinks a week.
  • Keep tempting treats out of sight. Keep candy in a cupboard, not on your desk or end table.
  • Make time to exercise. It helps burn off those extra cookie calories and helps relieve stress.

For more information on healthy eating and cooking, in southern Nevada contact Mary Wilson at your local University of Nevada Cooperative Extension office, (702) 257-5507 or email Mary Wilson. In western Nevada, contact Kerry Seymour at (775)784-4848 or email Kerry Seymour. At Logandale, contact Penny Blair at (702) 397-2604 or email Penny Blair.

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