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Mineral County Water Festival

Posted 10/5/2007

Mineral County Water Festival Schedule for October 12 -19, 2007 The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension will be holding a Mineral County water festival the week of October 12 -19, 2007 to education citizens about Walker Lake and water conservation practices. Everyone is invited to participate including local businesses and residents.

The schedule is the following:

  • October 12: In-school programming with 4th grade classes. Drop in the Bucket Activity: How much fresh water is available on earth for people to use?
  • October 16: Primary School (K-3rd) Legend of Cecil Earth Ball Activity — How much water is on earth?
  • October 18: Walker River Basin Work Days at Walker Lake — 10 a.m. — 2 p.m. * Tamarack Beach 4th grade students and high school honors chemistry class
  • Walker River Basin — Where is Walker Lake?
  • Testing Water Quality at Walker Lake.
  • The incredible water journey activity.
  • Lunch Provided — Legend of Cecil
  • Part of a Tamarisk Plant (Noxious weed).,
  • Planting native seeds.

October 19: In-school programming with 4th graders. Walker River Basin Watershed Map Discussion — How does water flow in the Walker River Basin? Students create their own Walker River Basin Rain Stick.

In addition, Cooperative Extension is working on bringing an evening program to town with speakers working on Walker Lake issues under the Walker River Basin Project by the Nevada System of Higher Education. The date is still being discussed due to the confirmation and availability of speakers. Notice of the evening program will be released by next week.

Walker Lake is one of the last remaining remnants of Ancient Lake Lahontan existing 75,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Great Basin. Lake Lahontan, at its peak surface elevation, extended just below the Nevada-Oregon border in the north, up the lower Truckee River canyon near the Truckee Meadows and City of Reno to just south of present-day Hawthorne. (Nevada Department of Water Resources, Walker River Chronology: Part I, 2003) The two well know remaining remnants of Lake Lahontan are Walker Lake and Pyramid Lake.

The planning for the festival is in full force and every business is encouraged to participate. For more details about how local businesses can participate, please call the Mineral County Cooperative Extension office at 945-3444 and talk to Staci or Kellie.

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