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LCAT demonstration tours - Fall 2007

Posted 9/26/2007

Alamo - Start in the afternoon with a tour of southern Pahranagat valley history, nature and petroglyphs, tour of historic sites in Alamo, evening meal with local singers and cowboy poetry, stay in local motels and ending the next morning with a tour of petroglyphs in the north end of Pahranagat. 2 pm Monday, October 8th to 11:30 am Tuesday October 9th.

Caliente - Tour of nature and history sites along Rainbow canyon, the original old Elgin school house and then a presentation on the history in Caliente. 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday, October 16th.

Panaca - In the morning Cathedral Gorge will be toured, then Bullionville and Condor Canyon with lunch at the Panaca Spring. In the afternoon the back country will be toured including sites at the charcoal ovens, and dry valley and ending with a dutch oven dinner and viewing deer in the Echo park area. 10 am to 9:00 pm, Monday October 22nd.

Rachel - Tour of local sites around Rachel starting with breakfast at Toreson’s new development, tour a hay farm facility, lunch and presentations in the town of Rachel and an evening barbeque 10 am to 5:30 pm Monday, October 29th.

Each Tour will consist of 10 people. Invitations are being sent for the tours to include 2 county commissioners, a representative from each of the town boards and city board, a room and tax board representative from the county and city boards and two guests from Las Vegas.

Tours are coordinated by Lincoln Communities Action Team and are being run by local volunteers and individuals interested in starting touring businesses.

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