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UNCE faculty attend Spanish immersion class

Posted 9/11/2007

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s (UNCE) first Spanish Immersion Institute was held July 2-13 on the University campus. Professor Emma Sepulveda Pulvirenti, director of the Latino Research Center, organized the class for UNCE faculty who wanted to improve their Spanish language skills. Loretta Singletary, Marcia Moffitt, JoAnne Skelly, Jim Barcellos,Pamela Proctor, John Cobourn, Penny Blair and Joe Dibble were among the UNCE faculty and staff who completed the course.

"Many Extension faculty and staff members feel the need to reach out more effectively to Nevada’s Latino audiences," Singletary said. "The instruction we received through the immersion school helped us with these efforts. For those of us already working with Spanish-speaking clients, we were able to sharpen our speaking skills."

The course was designed to condense the University’s Spanish 112 course into nine days. Both instructors were native speakers, Professor Jorge Meza from Chile and Professor Beatrice Robinson from Mexico. Enrichment experiences included translating song lyrics and then listening to songs performed by native Spanish-speaking singers. Latin American culture,economics and the impacts of immigration on the U.S. economy was also included.

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