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Teenage Drinking Meeting Held in Hawthorne

Posted 8/30/2007

Debra Loesch-Griffin, a field representative of the Community Council on Youth, Lyon County Healthy Community Coalition, was in attendance at the meeting held in Hawthorne on Friday, August 3rd. to speak to the members of the Mineral County Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, sponsored by UNR Cooperative Extension. She expressed the importance of the program by initiating "Stopping Teenage Drinking". Her formal questions were 1). What information do we need: 2) What contributes to Underage Drinking: 3). How do we pull people together and obtain the resources needed and: 4) What plans does the community have to combat the teenage drinking problem. The main purpose of this meeting was to get a program going in the county to help the young people to cope with the drinking problems they face. The main focus of the program deals with youths and young adults from the ages 15- 24 years of age. A series of questions and surveys are used by focus groups with the youth in the community. Focus groups work with groups of six to eight participants dealing with one of these categories: (15-17) Years); Minors not in any school.(18-20) Young Adults 21-24 in College. Each of the local committees selected the focus group they would like to work with. A list of questions were given to each group on what to ask the groups they would be working with. A follow up meeting will be scheduled in a few months to see how well the program is going and any additional assistance that is needed

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