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FALL 2007 master gardeners class - 20 more seats available

Posted 8/23/2007

LAS VEGAS— University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has opened an additional 20 seats for the up-coming fall Master Gardener training series. These extra spots will fill-up quickly, so please call your reservation in immediately.

The Master Gardener course begins September 7 and continues for 12 weeks, covering all aspects of horticulture in the desert. At the end of the training series, students pass an exam and contribute 15 hours at the office, answering gardening questions over the phone. After completing this requirement, they volunteer 20 hours on other gardening service projects and obtain 15 hours of continuing education. This permits students to become Certified Master Gardeners. In order to retain active Master Gardener status, volunteers donate a minimum of 35 hours of service time and obtain a minimum of 15 hours continuing education annually.

The Master Gardener volunteer program, one of the best-kept secrets in southern Nevada, is seeing some changes. Now a part of the newly formed Social Horticulture section of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Master Gardeners will be participating in even more social service horticulture activities.

Master Gardeners have always reached out to community residents through gardening, but now they will be extending their outreach to groups that have had little or no exposure to horticultural programs. Their activities include community gardens, school gardens, healing gardens, and gardening programs for inmates and juvenile offenders.

Cooperative Extension is an outreach arm of the University that extends unbiased, research-based knowledge from the University of Nevada—and other land-grant universities—to local communities. To reserve your space or receive information about the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, please contact Ann Edmunds at (702) 257-5587 or email .

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