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Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Detention/Inmate Gardening Program

Posted 8/7/2007

Mineral County Sheriff Ed Smith announced that the Detention/Inmate Gardening Program at the Mineral County Sherriff’s Detention Facility is back and is harvesting many different types of vegetables. "We have worked hard to bring this very beneficial program back to the Detention Facility and the citizens of Mineral County. The program was first introduced to Mineral County several years ago, in the 1990’s, under the administration of former Sheriff Rocky McKellip, and was a great benefit to our Detention Facility. Over the past several years, the program was not maintained and we basically started from scratch all over again," stated Sheriff Smith. Each day they are harvesting various types of vegetables that are then donated to the local Senior Citizens Center, Care & Share and also the vegetables are fed to the Detention Facility Inmates, thus saving the Mineral County citizens money on food. The Trustee status Inmates who work within the garden and on the outside ground are all non-violent offenders involved in treatment programs, and are serving out their sentences. "Inmate Policy Procedures were reestablished immediately within the Detention Facility when I took office in January, and all Trustee Inmates are held to a high set of standards and accountability at all times," stated Sherriff Smith. Sheriff Smith strongly supports this program because it saves you, the taxpayers, money, while at the same time it gives the inmates a chance to develop their social skills, take price in their work, community and contributes to the community by growing food for the needy. The inmates are actually paying their debit back to society in a constructive, positive way, while seeing the direct results.

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