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Contest for Youth to Create Computer Games or Animations

Posted 6/1/2007

This month, Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network (CYFERnet) 4-H Tech site features a Game & Animation Contest that lets young people show off their creativity and programming skills. Using Scratch (available for free, address link on the web site) participants get a chance to develop their own computer games and/or animations. Youth may work independently or in teams, with an entry deadline of Aug. 5, 2007. Once they have finished, they can submit their work for all to view and enjoy (see "Official Contest Rules"). CYFERnet's panel of judges will notify the winners later this summer.

The 4-H tech site helps youth build 21st-century skills that will allow them to be successful in the future, including thinking creatively, communicating clearly, collaborating effectively and learning continuously.Visit today to get started!

If you are not into contests, check out the Scratch site to play games and create games for you and your friends. Youth and parents will want to check out other CYFERnet pages like Just for Kids and Teens R It for more cool things to do this summer.

To enroll in 4-H or for more information, contact your local University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Office.

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is an outreach arm of the University that extends unbiased, research-based knowledge from the University of Nevada and other land-grant universities to local communities. Educational programs are developed based on local needs, often in partnership with other agencies and volunteers. For more information about the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, please visit the website or call your local office.

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