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News Archives for 2008

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Web site helps people cope with finances12/31/2008
Master Gardener training offered12/26/2008
Leslie Allen interview available online12/26/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #9: Assess the holiday damage and move on12/23/2008
Learn about the radon health risk in White Pine County12/19/2008
Program introduces teens to legislative process12/17/2008
Douglas County offering public radon meetings12/17/2008
Learn about the radon health risk at Incline Village12/17/2008
Agribusiness Risk Management seminars offered12/16/2008
A rotten economy doesn’t mean you’ll have a lousy holiday12/16/2008
Begin 2009 by testing your home for radon12/16/2008
Silverado Supports Lyon County 4-H and FFA Livestock Projects12/15/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #8: Make smart beverage choices12/12/2008
Cooperative Extension’s Leslie Allen to be on KUNR12/11/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #7: Control children’s sugar intake12/4/2008
Seniors CAN program offered in community centers12/2/2008
Test your home for radon: It is a silent killer11/26/2008
Early bird deadline for master gardener conference extended11/26/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #6: Try these healthy holiday recipe substitutions11/26/2008
Nevada youth to travel to Atlanta for national event11/26/2008
2008 Lyon County 4-H Awards Ceremony11/26/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #5: Gifts to get kids moving11/21/2008
Washoe 4-H canine workshop offers agility training11/20/2008
Allen led efforts to create a vegetable garden in the middle of a Reno street11/14/2008
GIS Day offers students a new view of the world11/14/2008
Fall a good time to work on defensible space11/13/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #4: Use strategies to control portion size11/13/2008
Cooperative Extension Dean Karen Hinton honored11/10/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #3: Coping with the holidays11/7/2008
Cooperative Extension’s Marilyn Smith wins prestigious national award11/6/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #2: Holiday smart snacking tips for children11/3/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #1: Cooking with children during the holidays10/27/2008
Living on the Land Team to Accept National Award in D.C.10/17/2008
Study finds 4-H offers opportunities and confidence to youth10/16/2008
State 4-H Shooting Match a success10/8/2008
Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Summit a Great Success9/30/2008
4-H youth demonstrate water conservation, Oct. 89/29/2008
House of Representatives passes resolution to recognize October 8 as 4-H National Youth Science Day9/26/2008
Agricultural Water Summit to be held in Winnemucca9/16/2008
Becoming a Desert Gardener - Master Gardener lecture series9/16/2008
Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Summit 20089/5/2008
Living With Fire Tip #21: What’s Your Excuse?9/3/2008
Living Wth Fire Tip #20: Maintain Your Defensible Space8/25/2008
Project WET training Focused on Walker Lake and Walker River Basin8/22/2008
High Desert Council gets Federal Funds for New Projects in Southern Nevada8/22/2008
Living With Fire Tip #19: Give Me a Break!8/19/2008
Packing safe school lunches for your child8/12/2008
4-H EXPO held in conjunction with Nevada State Fair8/12/2008
Living With Fire Tip #18: What Grows Back After the Fire?8/12/2008
Free Parenting Class8/11/2008
Crafters wanted for 4-H Harvest Festival Nov. 88/11/2008
Walker Basin Project Field Day and Barbecue on August 138/8/2008
Master Gardener Fall 2008 Training Program8/8/2008
4-H Leaders Needed8/8/2008
Become a Nevada Naturalist8/7/2008
Grant Writing class scheduled for September8/6/2008
Living With Fire Tip #17: The Do’s and Don’ts of Landscape Plant Selection8/5/2008
Living With Fire Tip #16: Be on the Defense!7/29/2008
Free teacher/youth leader training on invasive plants and biocontrol to be held Aug. 5 - 77/24/2008
Living With Fire Tip #15: Don’t Get Decked by Wildfire!7/22/2008
Living With Fire Tip #14: Did You Pass Your Screen Test?7/17/2008
Living With Fire Tip #13: Chuck Your Wood7/8/2008
University professors help high school students7/2/2008
Living With Fire Tip #12: How Do You Rate?7/1/2008
4-H high school students "discover" their future6/25/2008
Living With Fire Tip #11: Eliminate Ladder Fuels6/24/2008
Living With Fire Tip #10: Where Are You? Help Firefighters Find Your Home6/16/2008
Magic show highlights weeklong youth program6/16/2008
Discover Your Future next week6/13/2008
Living With Fire Tip #9: Becoming Fire Safe — Make it a Neighborhood Effort6/10/2008
Want to Become a University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer?6/10/2008
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Jenkins Recognized for Excellence6/10/2008
Living With Fire Tip #8: Be Prepared to Evacuate!6/6/2008
Free Seminar-growing citrus and other tender subtropical fruit trees in Southern Nevada6/6/2008
Cooperative Extension selects Human Resource Manager6/6/2008
Kids ID and English for US Citizenship programs offered6/4/2008
Bootstraps transforms young adults6/3/2008
Living With Fire Tip #7: Don’t Get Cheated!6/2/2008
Native Nevada plants appeal to consumers5/29/2008
Living With Fire Tip #6: Dead or Alive?5/28/2008
Cooperative Extension Offers Free Spanish Publications5/27/2008
NV State Senator Care to speak at graduation5/27/2008
Advertising continues to influence children5/27/2008
Living With Fire Tip #5: Little green gas cans5/23/2008
4-H receives 4K for summer camps5/23/2008
Learn how to detect plant pests and diseases5/23/2008
Earthquake 101 for families and children5/22/2008
Nevada natural grass-fed beef featured at Slow Food event5/22/2008
4-H Camp at Potosi Pines registration5/22/2008
Living With Fire Tip #4: Don’t Crack Up5/19/2008
May 16-24: Nevada Wildland Fire Awareness Week5/15/2008
Living With Fire Tip # 3: Shake It Off5/14/2008
Sue Donaldson to Preside Over ANREP National Conference5/12/2008
Living With Fire Tip # 2: Get your mind INTO the gutter5/9/2008
Vino in the orchard5/7/2008
Disaster network highlighted with eXtension5/6/2008
Advertising continues to influence children5/6/2008
Keep Your Food Safe This Summer5/5/2008
Cattle breeding programs researched5/1/2008
Get your lawn ready for summer4/29/2008
Becoming a "Desert Gardener"4/29/2008
Invader from the Desert4/29/2008
Planting plants in the heat4/29/2008
Xtreme Horticulture4/29/2008
Texas Ranger4/29/2008
Weed-Free Hay Workshop4/29/2008
Aphids, Aphids, Aphids4/29/2008
Pretty flowers or weeds?4/29/2008
Living With Fire Tip #1: Firefighting Tools You Already Own4/28/2008
Native Nevada Plants Appeal to Consumers4/28/2008
Nutrition Vital to Healthy Aging4/25/2008
Nevada 4-H Leaders’ Update a Success4/25/2008
Discover Your Future camp June 15-194/18/2008
Parenting made easier with eXtension4/17/2008
Keeping families connected through deployment4/17/2008
"Pull Together" to Help Remove Weeds From Area Parks by May 3rd4/17/2008
School Retention Specialist named4/4/2008
2008 National 4-H Congress4/3/2008
Free Parenting Class4/2/2008
Looking for informative financial help?3/27/2008
Earth Day Celebrated in Hawthorne3/20/2008
Slow Food to offer cheese and wine workshop3/19/2008
ORR Middle School receives President’s Council Honor3/19/2008
Conservation trees and shrubs available3/19/2008
Become a Nevada Naturalist3/14/2008
Survey shows importance of cool season hay3/13/2008
Apply Now for Range Camp3/12/2008
17th Annual Chefs for Kids dinner and auction3/12/2008
Free backyard orchard production class3/7/2008
Nevada 4-H Program Members Selected for 2008 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards3/6/2008
Livestock/Livestock Skillathon & Leaders/Leadership Training3/5/2008
4-H Horse Levels Training3/5/2008
Study compares attitudes of water right owners3/4/2008
Help manage wildlife with eXtension2/28/2008
2008 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest2/28/2008
Venomous reptiles cannot be overlooked in Nevada2/27/2008
Annual gardening and plant sale2/27/2008
4-H Wild Horse “Gift Horse Gang” Moving Ahead2/15/2008
Excellence in Education Award to Arrowhead Livestock Leader2/15/2008
Groundbreaking website holds answers to life’s questions2/12/2008
Two FREE Seminars at Cooperative Extension2/12/2008
Prevent Freeze Damage in southern Nevada2/11/2008
Venomous reptiles cannot be overlooked in Nevada2/7/2008
Reduce Your Risk of Falling2/6/2008
UNCE names state water resources specialist2/5/2008
2008 Discover Your Future2/5/2008
Operation Military Kids teams up with 4-H1/28/2008
University alum returns to his Eureka County roots1/24/2008
Survey ranks Nevada occupation 2006 salaries1/18/2008
Study reveals 1-2 punch helps build children’s literacy and language skills1/18/2008
Make Each Drop Count: Harvest Water for the Landscape1/16/2008
Deicers: Safety Versus Salt Damage1/16/2008
Free Community Health Planning Day scheduled1/16/2008
Shaken Baby Syndrome becoming more common1/15/2008
Test your home for radon1/10/2008
Holiday Food and Health Tip #4:Use strategies to control portion size1/10/2008
Pruning roses correctly1/2/2008