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News Archives for 2007

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Holiday Food and Health Tip #9: Assess the holiday damage and move on12/28/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #8: Make smart beverage choices12/24/2007
Sustaining agriculture through risk management12/19/2007
Ethanol, corn and by-products will highlight Cattlemen’s Update 200812/19/2007
Prevent Food Borne Illness This Holiday Season12/14/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #7: Control children's sugar intake12/13/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #6: Try these healthy holiday recipe substitutions12/13/2007
Free parenting class12/13/2007
Christmas tree safety12/12/2007
Burst into Action! Nevada 4-H Program Meeting12/7/2007
Leap Ahead with 4-H: Nevada 4-H Leaders’ Update 200811/27/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #5: Gifts to Get Kids Moving11/27/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #4: Use strategies to control portion size11/21/2007
Walker River Basin Works Days at Weber Reservoir create Wetland11/21/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #3: Coping with the holidays11/19/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #1: Cooking with children during the holidays11/15/2007
Successful Turkey Dinner11/15/2007
Holiday Food and Health Tip #2: Holiday smart snacking tips for children11/15/2007
The Healthy Communities Coalition (HCC) Community11/13/2007
Holiday Wines for Holiday Foods11/9/2007
Master Gardener Spring/Fall 2008 Training Program11/5/2007
Four free gardening classes11/5/2007
Grant Writing classes scheduled for January and February11/5/2007
4-H Horse Camp November 16-1811/1/2007
Walker River Basin Works Days at Walker Lake10/29/2007
Local 4-Hers Hit the Road for State 4-H Shooting Sports Event10/24/2007
4-H Club hosts free presentation on caring for aging pets10/24/2007
Evening Program on Walker Lake discusses Water Acquisition, Fisheries and Agriculture Conservation10/23/2007
Nevada's Family Storyteller wins western excellence award10/23/2007
Living with fire tip #21: What's your excuse?10/23/2007
Cooperative Extension receives two awards10/22/2007
Free Best Management Practices class in Spanish Nov. 110/22/2007
Free gardening information10/17/2007
Mineral County Water Festival10/5/2007
LCAT demonstration tours - Fall 20079/26/2007
More time outside means more exposure to mosquitoes9/21/2007
Wine and Food pairing workshop slated9/20/2007
Four free gardening classes9/20/2007
Trees on wheels time!9/20/2007
4-H and Horseland team up on CBS Saturday mornings9/19/2007
Local youth compete at County 4-H Horse Show9/14/2007
UNCE faculty attend Spanish immersion class9/11/2007
Schafer joins University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development9/11/2007
Master Gardener training completed in Mineral County9/10/2007
Four free gardening classes9/10/2007
2007 Nevada State 4-H Exposition, Oct. 12 - 149/6/2007
UNCE receives American Agricultural Economics award9/6/2007
Nevada Range Management workshop set for Winnemucca9/6/2007
Desert Green set for October 11-12, 20079/6/2007
2007 Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Summit9/4/2007
Cooperative Extension - Southern Area Director Named8/31/2007
Teenage Drinking Meeting Held in Hawthorne8/30/2007
Desert Green set for October 11-12, 20078/28/2007
Living wth fire tip #20 - Maintain your defensible space8/24/2007
Four free gardening classes in Las Vegas8/23/2007
Fact Sheet on Breastfeeding in Nevada8/23/2007
First Lady of Nevada shows her support of Nevada Breastfeeding Week8/23/2007
Wuliji brings expertise to new post as range animal scientist8/23/2007
Master Gardener newsletter wins award8/23/2007
FALL 2007 master gardeners class - 20 more seats available8/23/2007
Living with fire tip #19 - Give me a break8/17/2007
Living with fire tip #18 - What grows back after the fire?8/10/2007
Learn how to grow and eat prickly pear cactus for a healthy Las Vegas lifestyle8/8/2007
Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Detention/Inmate Gardening Program8/7/2007
Master Gardener class registration8/6/2007
Saturday wine appreciation workshop slated8/5/2007
Living With Fire Tip #17 The do's and don'ts of landscape plant selection8/3/2007
Living With Fire Tip #16 Defensible space: How much do you need?7/27/2007
Living With Fire Tip #14 Did you pass your screen test?7/16/2007
Living With Fire Tip #15 Don't get decked by wildfire7/16/2007
Brown Spots in Lawns7/6/2007
Living With Fire Tip #13 - Chuck your wood7/5/2007
Living With Fire Tip #12 How do you rate?6/28/2007
Living With Fire Evacuation Checklist6/25/2007
Living With Fire Tip #10: Help firefighters find your home6/25/2007
Living With Fire Tip #11 - Eliminate ladder fuels6/25/2007
Living With Fire Tip #7: Watch for cheatgrass; it is just waiting to burn6/25/2007
Living With Fire Tip #6: Dead or alive?6/25/2007
Living With Fire Tip #9: Becoming fire safe; make it a neighborhood effort6/25/2007
Susan Donaldson named Distinguished Outreach Faculty6/22/2007
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners6/18/2007
Living With Fire Tip #4: Protect windows6/14/2007
Living With Fire Tip #1: Time to get out your tools and protect your home from wildfire6/14/2007
Living With Fire Tip # 2: The gutter6/14/2007
Living With Fire Tip #5: Little green gas cans6/14/2007
Living With Fire Tip # 3: Shake it off6/14/2007
Master Gardener Fall 2007 Training Program6/12/2007
Charlotte's Web Raises Funds for Nevada 4-H Programs6/12/2007
Learn how to eat smart and be active!6/11/2007
Mineral County High School monitors the quality of Walker Lake6/11/2007
Master Gardeners 3rd Annual6/11/2007
Living With Fire - Check List6/11/2007
eXtension fights exotic pests with launch of Imported Fire Ants website6/11/2007
2nd Graders Visit Orchard6/11/2007
Nevada 4-H6/11/2007
2007 Chefs For Kids Dinner Raises $125,0006/11/2007
Nevada Wildland Fire Awareness Week May 19 - 25, 20076/1/2007
Living With Fire presents information at various rural Nevada community events6/1/2007
Humboldt County Cattlewomen to hold Beef Project Field Day6/1/2007
Contest for Youth to Create Computer Games or Animations6/1/2007
16th Annual Chefs For Kids Dinner and Auction in Las Vegas5/25/2007
Nevada Educator Receives $93,365 to Assist Small-Acreage Landowners5/16/2007
Western Alfalfa and Forage Conference in Reno, Dec. 11-135/16/2007
New State Weed Specialist joins University of Nevada Cooperative Extension5/16/2007
Sustaining agriculture through risk management5/16/2007
Cooperative Extension offers new weed control method5/16/2007
2007 4-H Capital Days5/10/2007
Cattle Handling and Facility Design at 2007 Cattlemen's Update5/4/2007
Trich in Nevada5/4/2007
Beef Quality Assurance Seminar at Nevada livestock events5/4/2007
Study results on local meat processing and marketing highlight workshop, May 45/4/2007
Earth Day celebrated in Hawthorne, Nev.5/4/2007
Nevada Senate memorializes Las Vegas Master Gardener, Aggie Roberts5/4/2007
Cooperative Extension hosts Capital City Farm Days for students5/4/2007
Carson City Community Coalition to clean up graffiti5/4/2007
Personal finance made easier with launch of eXtension's Financial Security for All5/4/2007
Nevada 4-H volunteer wins Nevada Agricultural Foundation award5/4/2007
Pesticide Applicator Certification 20075/2/2007
University visit is a MAGICal experience for teens5/2/2007
Water and weeds top Nevada agriculture issues5/2/2007
Feeling safe is key to developing life skills in 4-H according to Cooperative Extension5/2/2007
Residents Gain Easier Access to a Variety of Cooperative Extension Programs5/2/2007
Cooperative Extension faculty sweep national awards5/2/2007
Range and Pasture Management Workshop Jan. 31 in Winnemucca5/2/2007
2007 Nevada State 4-H shooting sports leader training & certification5/2/2007
Douglas County 4-H teen receives national award for helping other youth5/2/2007
Two Nevada artistic competitions seek creativity5/2/2007
2007 Nevada Ambassador Leadership Camp5/2/2007
Donald E. Breazeale named 2007 Fulbright Scholar5/2/2007
Youth leadership camp set for Feb. 17-195/2/2007
Nevada Cooperative Extension faculty receive National Geographic grant5/2/2007