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News Archives for 2004

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University employees receive top public relations awards 12/15/2004
Cattle identification and 48-hour trace back to highlight Cattlemen's Update 2005 11/15/2004
Cooperative Extension educator receives environmental award 11/15/2004
Professionals tour innovative agriculture operations 11/15/2004
"Stars of Extension" honored in 2004 awards program 11/03/2004
4-H club one of seven nationally to pilot energy program 11/03/2004
Award-winning quilter gets start at Cooperative Extension class 10/18/2004
Your Beef's At Stake 10/18/2004
Local 4-H After School Clubs Pilot National Science Curriculum 10/05/2004
Douglas County 4-H Youth named National "Huggable Heroes" 10/05/2004
4-H After School Club improves kids' reading and social skills 10/04/2004
UNCE Invite youth to check out 4-H programs: National 4-H Week Oct 3-9 10/01/2004
Video shows how to protect property from wildfire 10/01/2004
Clark County nutrition program saves health care costs 09/22/2004
e-Coffee Shop helps ranchers make money 09/15/2004
4-H After School Club improves kids' reading and social skills 09/10/2004
Project MAGIC Changes Lives 08/26/2004
Cheating Cheatgrass And Wildfire: Herbicide-controlled cheatgrass plots halt Waterfall Fire in its tracks 08/19/2004
Cooperative Extension targeted for funds after Waterfall Fire 08/04/2004
4-H Looking for a Few Good Leaders 07/23/2004
University faculty member receives national USDA honor award -- Cooperative Extension youth specialist best known for Project MAGIC 07/01/2004
Cooperative Extension joins coalition to bring back Nevada's native plants 07/01/2004
University faculty win five of 12 natural resource awards 06/212000
Cooperative Extension's pest management strategies help hay growers 06/15/2004
Cooperative Extension offers alternative energy program 05/17/2004
First Extension Educator Hired for Mineral County 04/15/2004
Ed Smith wins top community fire mitigation award 03/19/2004
"Little Lives" Gives Free Tips to New Parents 03/02/2004
UNCE Educator To Receive National Fire Plan Award 02/27/2004
American beef declared world's safest after Mad Cow Disease report 01/03/2004
Cooperative Extension sponsors free Sheep and Goat Update 01/13/2004
Mad Cow Disease to Highlight Cattlemen's Update 2004 01/05/2004