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NEMO Nevada (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials)


NEMO Nevada
(Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials)

Protecting water quality through community planning.

NEMO Nevada (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials) is an educational program for land use decision-makers addressing the relationship between land-use and water resource protection. As our community continues to grow, the rapid rate of construction and development can have negative impacts on our natural resources, including water quality and quantity.

The NEMO Nevada program is designed to provide education and technical assistance to land use decision-makers, including planning commissioners and staff, citizen and neighborhood advisory board members, and other advisory groups. With appropriate planning, we can effectively decrease the need for best management practices to mitigate development impacts. This saves the community from expensive retrofits and maintenance projects.

This program is a collaborative effort of several agencies, led by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. It is modeled after the highly successful NEMO program of the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension. The NEMO network includes 33 states across the nation.

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