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Regional 4-H youth camp accepting applications6/10/2019
Extension Gardener Program educates future Master Gardeners4/4/2019
Free kits to test for deadly gas available through February2/12/2019
Youth show newly learned skills in 4-H Nevada State Shooting Sports Match10/30/2018
Grow Your Own, Nevada class Oct. 2 discusses selecting fruit tree and berry varieties9/26/2018
Grow Your Own, Nevada class Sept. 25 discusses cover crops for the home gardener9/19/2018
Nevada Radon Poster Contest open to students8/22/2018
Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month kicks off May 14/18/2018
Fascinated by Nevada’s crazy weather? Help meteorologists predict it3/15/2018
New website provides resources to help prevent early childhood obesity3/12/2018
Free kits to test for deadly gas available through February2/8/2018
Presentations teach radon safety and offer free radon test kits12/28/2017
El Niño and La Niña, what’s the difference?12/11/2017
Gardening in Small Places: pruning11/28/2017
Growing Under the Stars with Master Gardeners11/27/2017
Deadline approaching for Nevada Radon Poster Contest entries10/16/2017
After Halloween Pitch-a-Pumpkin event scheduled10/6/2017
Enter/visit the first annual rose show scheduled for Nov. 1810/3/2017
Gardening in Small Places: growing fruit at home10/3/2017
Master Gardeners add second weekly Botanical Garden tours9/28/2017
Nevada youth build wearable fitness trackers as part of National 4-H Week9/26/2017
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society Oct. meeting9/5/2017
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society Sept. meeting9/5/2017
Nevada Radon Poster Contest open to students8/30/2017
In the Garden series continues8/24/2017
Learn how to become a Nevada Naturalist8/23/2017
Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Clinic offered for your pets8/16/2017
Youth encouraged to join 4-H clubs as new program year begins8/15/2017
Master Gardeners offer weekly Botanical Garden tours8/14/2017
Growing Under the Stars with Master Gardeners8/8/2017
NV Naturalist lecture series continues8/8/2017
Growing Under the Stars with Master Gardeners8/2/2017
Using native plants in your landscape7/31/2017
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension faculty receives Ph.D.7/25/2017
Tree selection and care workshop7/6/2017
Free food preservation classes offered7/5/2017
Growing Under the Stars with Master Gardeners6/23/2017
Show off your award winning roses at the fall rose show6/21/2017
Earn your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential in 2018!6/9/2017
Locally grown hops preferred by brewers5/23/2017
In The Garden series continues5/22/2017
Organic gardening workshop5/18/2017
Registration dates set for fall 2017 Master Gardener training5/11/2017
Butterfly Garden tour scheduled5/8/2017
Get the dirt on soil5/5/2017
May garden tours of Botanical Gardens5/2/2017
Pressure cooker gauges can now be checked at Cooperative Extension4/19/2017
Caring for roses during the summer4/11/2017
Solving garden problems workshop4/11/2017
In The Garden series continues3/29/2017
Grow Your Own, Nevada classes return in April3/15/2017
2017 4-H Resident Summer Camp at Lake Tahoe3/13/2017
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society April meeting3/9/2017
Gardening in Small Places: understanding your irrigation3/9/2017
Read, plant, eat — special sunflower activity in children’s garden3/6/2017
How to put your best fork forward!2/22/2017
Garden Tours show homeowners how to add color to landscapes1/27/2017
Become a Nevada Naturalist1/26/2017
Gardening in Small Places: composting1/25/2017
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society March meeting1/25/2017
February garden demonstrations and tours scheduled1/23/2017
Hands-on culinary workshop classes begin in March1/20/2017
Free pruning workshop1/18/2017
Create a butterfly habitat in your garden1/17/2017
Looking for educational gardening activities for the spring?1/5/2017
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society Feb. meeting1/4/2017
Vegetable workshop - Feb. 251/3/2017
Master Gardeners offer gardening info at January home show12/27/2016
Tree Care seminar in English and in Spanish12/27/2016
Jan. garden demonstrations and tours scheduled12/27/2016
Anne Lindsay appointed to Dietitian Advisory Group12/12/2016
Your food from field to plate12/8/2016
Parenting/nutrition education for preschoolers11/29/2016
Gardening in small places series begins in January11/17/2016
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society January meeting11/16/2016
Bare root fruit trees pre-orders available11/10/2016
Garden tour features colors of autumn11/3/2016
Growing herbs indoors11/3/2016
Starting a food business workshop offered by Cooperative Extension10/13/2016
Starting a Food Business in Nevada workshop10/7/2016
Gardening in Small Places: growing fruit at home10/4/2016
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society Nov. meeting10/4/2016
In The Garden series continues9/29/2016
Nevada youth explore drones in world’s largest youth-led STEM challenge9/29/2016
Free classes at Acacia Park9/27/2016
Get Rattled: Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Clinic offered for your pets9/27/2016
Nevada Naturalist’s 2016 conference9/13/2016
October Rose Society meeting set9/2/2016
Gardening in Small Places: roses9/2/2016
Bilingual landscape training scheduled in September8/30/2016
New Master Gardener series begins in September8/30/2016
Nevada Radon Poster Contest open to students8/25/2016
Several free gardening events/tours scheduled in Sept.8/19/2016
Nevada Naturalist Sept. 2016 Lecture Series8/16/2016
Let your kids get their hands dirty this fall8/10/2016
Rose Society begins fall meetings8/10/2016
Cooperative Extension Receives 2016 Green Award8/8/2016
Using native and desert adapted plants in the landscape8/2/2016
Are you flippin’ out for gardening?7/22/2016
Meet Eureka County’s new Extension Educator7/13/2016
Tree selection and care workshop7/7/2016
Irrigation class scheduled in North Las Vegas5/31/2016
Gardening series continues--get the dirt on soil5/25/2016
Master Gardeners bring new life to Nellis AFB grove5/19/2016
Registration dates set for fall 2016 Master Gardener training5/9/2016
Gardening in Small Places: organic gardening5/3/2016
4-H to host friends and family events this summer5/2/2016
Opportunity Village students train for jobs in child care4/29/2016
New social media accounts for Southern Area’s Cooperative Extension4/27/2016
Cooperative Extension’s Grow Your Own, Nevada classes return in May4/20/2016
Registration now open for Wildfire Awareness Half Marathon and 5K Runs in May4/19/2016
Junior Master Gardeners plan service project in Moapa Valley4/14/2016
Looking for educational gardening activities for the summer?4/14/2016
2016 4-H Resident camp at Lake Tahoe4/13/2016
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Day Camps scheduled4/4/2016
Cooperative Extension 4-H leaders launch rocket classes during Spring Break4/1/2016
25th Anniversary Chefs for Kids Dinner and Auction set for May 73/30/2016
Gardening in small places series continues3/24/2016
Rose Society May meeting3/24/2016
Board of Regents grants tenure3/22/2016
Caring for Easter lilies3/14/2016
Free classes at Acacia Park3/9/2016
Nation’s top trainer in sibling support will host event at Cooperative Extension2/24/2016
Cooperative Extension and Rose Society April meeting2/23/2016
Irrigation workshop scheduled2/23/2016
Master Gardeners offer special themed spring garden tours2/19/2016
Hands-on workshop offered on landscape insects2/18/2016
Master Gardeners are ready to assist the community2/17/2016
Cooperative Extension offers free workshop on estate planning for ag businesses2/16/2016
Cooperative Extension hosts Nevada Agriculture Outlook2/16/2016
Composting workshop2/4/2016
South Valley Rose Society March meeting2/4/2016
Nevada Naturalist 2016 Lecture Series begins2/2/2016
Nevada Naturalist’s schedule open house on Feb. 272/1/2016
Reduce the radon health risk in your home1/26/2016
Carson Valley student takes first place in National Radon Poster Contest1/21/2016
Arborist certification prep and review series1/20/2016
Master Gardeners set spring garden tours1/19/2016
Cooperative Extension offers classes for landscapers, nursery workers1/14/2016
Cooperative Extension pest control workshop focuses on vertebrate pests1/14/2016
So Valley Rose Society meeting scheduled1/14/2016
Gardening in Small Spaces: vegetables1/14/2016
Turtles of Mexico, topic of discussion at the next Herpetological Society meeting1/13/2016
Consider planting Nevada native milkweeds in your garden1/11/2016
Chainsaw safety and handling presentation1/8/2016
Mulch available at Lifelong Learning and Research Centers1/6/2016
Looking for educational gardening activities?1/5/2016
2016 Tree Care: Best Practices seminar and workshop in English1/5/2016
2016 Tree Care: Best Practices seminar and workshop in Spanish1/5/2016

Columns written by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension staff for local publications.

Appears in Desert Valley Times and Moapa Valley Progress

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To view an article, click on its link below. Posted
Recap of the past years’ columns5/31/2016
Hot weather and your worm bin5/24/2016
Design your weed5/10/2016
Desert plant adaptations5/4/2016
Flowering cacti4/27/2016
Compost on established plants4/19/2016
Attracting beneficials4/11/2016
Why lettuce gets bitter4/5/2016
Milkweed, pollination and butterflies3/16/2016
Jerusalem artichokes3/8/2016
Place drainage holes in pots--not rocks!3/2/2016
Selecting different vegetables2/24/2016
New Zealand Spinach2/16/2016
Tomatoes-Time to Think2/8/2016
Late winter pruning1/26/2016
Wet winter, weedy spring1/19/2016
Trees and Shrubs1/13/2016
Some good trees for southern Nevada1/5/2016
When freezing plants damage our plants1/5/2016

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