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Walker Lake: Increasing Knowledge through Education

Walker Lake, located in central Nevada, is a natural resource of interest to diverse and often competing groups. Walker Lake: Increasing Knowledge Through Education, is a community-based program to educate adults and youth about Walker Lake issues.


The Walker Lake program is designed to incorporate volunteers, the Walker Lake Working Group, the Walker Lake Crusaders youth group and others interested in the lake. The two major program objectives are to (1) create citizens’ understanding of public policy and Walker Lake issues; and (2) create opportunities to allow citizens to participate and gain knowledge in Walker Lake issues.

What Has Been Done:

A number of Walker Lake activities occurred in 2007, and the evaluations are contained in the section below.

A paper, entitled Social Attitudes of Native American and Non-Native American Water Right Owners in the Walker River Basin of Western Nevada was presented at the 2007 International Agriculture and Extension Education conference in Polson, Montana.


An evaluation was conducted to measure knowledge gain of 80 high school students who participated in the Walker Lake: Increasing Knowledge Through Education program. An evaluation was conducted to indicate knowledge of the topics taught before the educational program and after the program. The analysis reflects an increase in knowledge that is statistically significant about Walker Lake issues after participating in the program.

There were 38 Walker Lake residents who attended an evening program during a water festival; 26 turned in evaluations. They rated the presentations from 1.38 to 2.23, (a scale of 1 being very important information and 5 not important information). Residents rated the research project as very important information for attendees.

More than 160 people signed up for a boat ride at the 2007 Loon Festival. The 55 evaluations that were returned about this experience and the educational programs offered resulted in the majority of attendees (84 percent) reporting they had increased their knowledge about Walker Lake issues. Sixty percent of attendees rated the educational programs excellent, with 18 percent rating programs good, six percent rated okay and two percent as not good; 15 percent did not respond.

Programs Program Information

Calming the Waters: Learning to Manage Western Water Conflict

Conflict has surrounded the Truckee, Carson and Walker River Basins for decades. Key issues include historical use on tribal lands, historical and current water rights, threats to water quality, and wildlife habitat protection. This program teaches youth about Nevada’s water issues and helps them develop the skills needed to address future water conflicts.

Community Beautification through Horticulture

Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program

The purpose of Nevada’s Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program (FRTEP) is to improve the ability of Native American farmers and ranchers to manage their agricultural enterprises effectively, efficiently and profitably.

Integrated Pest Management

Nevada Department of Agriculture’s records show the use of traditional pesticides continues to increase in the state. Nevada’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program helps agricultural producers, land managers; pest control operators, homeowners and other pest managers learn about and use alternative pest management strategies in a variety of environments and settings.

Master Gardeners in Nevada

Master Gardeners provide free, research-based horticulture information to Nevadans. They are volunteers who learn advanced plant science skills from at least 50 hours of classroom instruction by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) professionals. After training, Master Gardeners volunteer a minimum of at least 50 hours a year to pass along their newly acquired knowledge through the media, talks and workshops. They answer phone calls, send out informational materials and develop community gardens.

Noxious Weed Control and Awareness Education

Noxious and invasive weeds are widespread throughout Nevada. They threaten agricultural and rangeland productivity. Rural counties are susceptible to significant adverse economic damage. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension education programs help individuals and weed control organization reduce the abundance of noxious weeds.

Project MAGIC

Project MAGIC is an innovative, collaborative program designed to help juvenile offenders leave the criminal justice system and become productive members of society. While participating in the program, young people ages 12 to 18 learn: positive communication skills, team building, problem solving and decision making, self-responsibility, conflict resolution, aspiration building and goal setting. Youth also select and conduct a service project designed to benefit their community. Parent sessions include the same life skills.

Risk Management

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) develops and delivers a comprehensive risk management education program to livestock and forage producers in Nevada.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension conducts several sustainable agriculture programs including researching alternative crops, introducing sustainable biodiversity/multiple use of rangelands, and increasing the number of pest control materials labeled in and increasing the knowledge and implementation rate of IPM practices in Nevada.

Veggies for Kids

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s (UNCE) Veggies for Kids program takes a proactive approach toward eating and experiencing different kinds of vegetables for American Indian children at a young age.

Walker Lake: Increasing Knowledge through Education

Walker Lake, located in central Nevada, is a natural resource of interest to diverse and often competing groups. Walker Lake: Increasing Knowledge Through Education, is a community-based program to educate adults and youth about Walker Lake issues.

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