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Lincoln County

Starting a Food Business in Nevada

Cottage Foods

Craft Foods

  • Acidified Canned Products (Coming Soon)

Small Commercial Operation

It All Begins with a Plan Making Your Business Successful

  • Before You Start
  • Busines Planning
  • Starting a Business In Your Home
  • Record Keeping For Profit
  • Capital Sources For Your Business
  • So You're in Sales
  • Forming and Protecting Your Business
  • Keeping You and Your Customers Healthy and Safe (Coming Soon)
  • Federal Food Regulations and Food Safety(Coming Soon)
  • Food Safety and Regulations for Processing Nevada (Coming Soon)
  • Where to Make Your Product (Coming Soon)
  • Licensing, Permits, and Certificates (Coming Soon)
  • Creating a Great Product (Coming Soon)
  • Pricing Your Product (Coming Soon)
  • Types of Prices (Coming Soon)
  • Pricing and Break-Even Excercise (Coming Soon)
  • Price and Pricing (Coming Soon)
  • Price and Pricing Worksheet (Coming Soon)
  • Where to Sell Your Product (Coming Soon)
  • Nevada Food Markets (Coming Soon)
  • Estimate Retail Market Customer Profiles (Coming Soon)
  • Why Customers Shop at Farmers Markets in Nevada (Coming Soon)
  • Marketing Your Food Product (Coming Soon)
  • Keeping Track of Inventory (Coming Soon)
  • Avoiding Risk/Threats (Coming Soon)
  • Tips for New Businesses (Coming Soon)
  • Insurance for Food Entrepreneurs (Coming Soon)
  • Product Liability Insurance (Coming Soon)