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Gardening Classes offered at the Henderson Libraries in August

Posted 7/17/2013

Clark County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners will be presenting gardening classes in August. Howard Galin will be presenting An Introduction to Desert Gardening at 10:30 a.m. at the Paseo Verde Library (280 S. Green Valley Parkway) on August 3. Carolyn Ellsworth will be presenting Container Gardening in Small Spaces at 1:30 p.m. at the Gibson Library on August 10 (100 W. Lake Mead Pkwy, Henderson). Both classes are free and open to the public but you must pre-register.

Galin’s lecture will cover the special steps needed for a successful desert environment in your home garden! Topics covered include: the desert bioscape; soils: how to improve and amend through fertilization and nutrition; irrigation techniques for desert plants; identifying plants and shrubs and trees suited for desert gardening (native plants vs “adapted”); and how to plant and care for your plants, trees and shrubs. Register online at or call 702-492-6580.

Ellsworth’s container gardening addresses the city dweller’s dilemma of not having a half acre to plant in flowers and vegetables, but can get just about the same effect by growing plants in containers of a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Register online at or call 702-564-9261 option 5.

Master Gardeners Galin and Ellsworth, along with over 300 active Master Gardeners, are University-trained community volunteers who share their knowledge and desert gardening skills via community projects. Master Gardeners are experienced in successfully growing plants in the harsh (hot, dry, windy) climate of the Mojave Desert. This is an environment unfamiliar to many newcomers. By teaching what to plant and how to properly care for their landscapes or gardens, the Master Gardeners save people money — on water, soil amendments, plant materials, etc.

For general gardening questions contact the Master Gardener Help Line at 702-257-5555. For gardening information and upcoming classes visit the Master Gardener FaceBook page or the Southern Area Blog. or .

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