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UNCE exercise specialist to join national panel

Posted 10/29/2012

Lindsay picked to serve on NIFA nutrition and health committee

Cooperative Extension Exercise Physiology Specialist Anne Lindsay has been invited to join the the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Nutrition and Health Committee for Planning and Guidance.

Lindsay, who works in UNCE’s Southern Area office in Las Vegas, will provide expert opinion to NIFA program leaders regarding future national health and nutrition policies.

The NIFA committee, formed in 2008, focuses on two areas:

1. Ensuring an abundant and safe food supply for all

2. Helping families, youth and individuals become physically, mentally and emotionally healthy

Previous subcommittees work on related issues, such as developing ways to measure the effectiveness of nutrition and exercise programs; developing consistent formats for nutrition and health curricula; sharing information; and fostering professional development.

Interim Cooperative Extension Dean and Director Jerry Buk said it was an honor for Lindsay to be chosen. He noted that Lindsay’s colleague, Madeleine Sigman-Grant, a maternal specialist and professor who also works out of UNCE’s Southern Area office, has also served on the NIFA committee.

“Our faculty is developing cutting-edge programs to help Nevada and other states address such issues as childhood obesity,” Buk said. “Anne and Madeleine are both recognized nationally for their expertise in nutrition and exercise.”

Lindsay, Sigman-Grant and UNCE Early Childhood Development Specialist Teresa Byington recently received NIFA’s national Partnership Award for their program All 4 Kids: Healthy, Happy, Active, Fit program. All 4 Kids addresses childhood obesity with a preschool educational program that encourages preschool children and families to practice healthy eating habits and to be physically active every day.

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