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Las Vegas Master Gardener Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

Posted 6/13/2012

The annual Clark County Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Appreciation and Awards luncheon was held June 6 at the South Point Hotel and Casino. Master Gardeners were honored for the hours volunteered on community projects across the valley. This special event also marked the 20th anniversary of the Las Vegas Master Gardener program as well as the graduation of the Spring 2012 Master Gardener Class.

The Silver Trowel was awarded to Kimberly Williams (MG 2008) for contributing 482 Project hours in the past year. Trowel is the chairperson of the Nellis AFB Environmental Grove project as well as a docent with the Mojave Guides project at the Springs Preserve. Larry Nelson (MG 2004) received the Silver Phone award for volunteering 132 hours on the Home Gardening Help Line, 257-5555. He staffs the MG desk every Monday on the 8 to 11 a.m. shift.

Milestone pins were presented to Master Gardeners in recognition of their total volunteer service since joining the MG program. Richard Leifried has volunteered 18,000 hours since 1994. He has chaired numerous community projects over the years and is regular on the Help Line. Don Fabbi (MG 1997) was recognized for his 14,500 hours of teaching and support to Community Gardens across the valley. Cliff Wood (MG 2002) has contributed 7,500 hours staffing “Ask a MG” information tables and at the Master Gardener Orchard. Richard Cutbirth (MG 2004) reached 6,250 volunteer hours at Acacia Park and at the Help Desk. Lee Heenan (MG 1996) received the 5,250 pin for her work propagating native plants and docenting, both at the Springs Preserve. In addition, 28 volunteers received milestone pins for reaching 100 to 750 volunteer hours, while 25 Master Gardeners were honored for volunteer contributions between 1,000 to 5,000 hours.

Master Gardeners are volunteers who have completed Cooperative Extension’s 80 hour horticulture training course and volunteer a minimum of 50 hours each year. Over 1,000 Las Vegas-area community members have completed the Master Gardener training, and 274 currently remain active in the program. Since the LV program began in 1992, Master Gardeners have contributed 307,727 hours of service to the community. The value of this volunteer service exceeds $6.5 million (based on $21.36/hour volunteer).

Students who completed the 80 hour horticulture training and passed the final exam were welcomed into the program as Interns. They must complete 50 hours of volunteer service in order to become a Certified Master Gardener.

Graduates from the Spring class were: Desiree Anatihan, Lyn Banas, George Biehl, Deb Bohn, Terri J. Boling, Glenda Bona, Bud Drew, Francine Edson, John Edson, Linda Fleming, Pat Freeman, Crystal Gwaltney, Lisa Hansen, Jim Healey, Bill Hodson, Kaleb Hoeffgen, Lauren Keith, Valerie Landau, Anne Marie Lardeau, Diane Lemon, Debby Magness, Billie Marr, Sharon Menary, Michelle Miller, Anita Morgan, Christy Mulligan, Shelli O’Donnell, Denis Ort, Lou Pascoe, Dale Prezgay, Ed Ray, Jo Reckling, Barbara Ronnow-Bunker, Denise Stevens, Judy Turner, Mary Wolfe, Deeanna Wright, Christine Zegers.

For further information on the Master Gardener program or the Fall 2012 semester Training Class, please contact Ann Edmunds, Program Coordinator by email or call 702-257-5587.

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