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Give Our Community a Gift, Recycle Your Christmas Tree!

Posted 12/1/2011

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is once again partnering with community organizations for the annual recycling program. Christmas trees are one of the recognized traditions of the holiday season. But what happens after the holiday season? Most people simply throw their Christmas trees away, yet trees are a valuable organic material that can be recycled and chipped into mulch. This mulch is used in public gardens and parks across the valley to help conserve soil moisture and keep plants healthy. Recycling your tree is a gift that will keep on giving back to the community.

Drop-off your Christmas tree for free at over 20 convenient drop sites from December 26 to January 15. Remove all non-organic objects such as lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments and nails. Foreign objects contaminate the mulch and damage the chipper. Flocked trees cannot be recycled.

Last year, Southern Nevada residents recycled over 15,000 trees, which created 130 tons of mulch for landscaping projects at local parks! Since 2001, residents have recycled approximately 100,000 Christmas trees or the equivalent of over 12,600 cubic yards of solid waste which was diverted from the landfill to a beneficial use.

For more information about the Christmas Tree Recycling Program, drop-sites nearest you, and other ways that you can celebrate sustainable holidays, click here!

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