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2011 Wildfire Awareness Week starts April 30

Posted 4/13/2011

Working together key to fire-safe region

It Takes a Community — that’s the message for the 2011 Wildfire Awareness Week, and each and every neighbor has a role to play in the prevention, control and survival of dangerous wildfires.

“Wildfire Awareness Week is about bringing awareness to the roles we all play in the event of a wildfire in our community,” said UNCE Natural Resource Specialist Ed Smith. “Together we can protect our lives and property by creating defensible space, working with local fire departments to identify wildfire hazards, and using ignition-resistant building materials.”

The Wildfire Awareness Week kickoff event begins 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 30 at Galena High School. Attendees will learn how their everyday roles as citizens can be modified to combat wildfires. Builders can build with fire-resistant materials, homeowners can make evacuation plans, landscapers can create defensible spaces around homes, and volunteers can help to create a more cohesive community.

The free event will feature activities for adults and kids, including a free raffle. Homeowners and concerned citizens can meet with local firefighters, visit with vendors of fire-safe materials and products, and help protect the entire community by participating in Junk Your Junipers — a recurring event where homeowners can bring in juniper clippings from their yards for free disposal. The first 100 Junk Your Junipers participants will receive a coupon for a free plant from Moana nursery.

Kids can visit the Fire Safety House, learn how to stop, drop and roll, and practice how to safely exit the home during a fire. There will also be games, prizes, and a special visit from Smokey the Bear. Families can also explore fire engines and helicopters on site.

From noon to 1 p.m. there will be a special presentation by local dignitaries and firefighters, and guests are encouraged to come early to the event to witness a community evacuation drill involving a simulated wildfire at the Joy Lake Road area sponsored by Sierra Fire Protection District.

This event is sponsored by your local, state, and federal firefighting agencies, the Nevada Fire Safe Council, UNCE and other organizations.

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