AAll 4 Kids Logoll 4 Kids©, a  Cooperative Extension program is offering a 13-week series for preschool children (ages 3-5) and their parents to encourage families to be healthy, happy, active and fit. Working in cooperation with Cambridge Community Center, families are provided interactive experiences that promote healthful habits regarding physical activity, eating and living healthy at any shape or size. Go foods (foods that can be eaten every day) and Whoa foods (foods that can be eaten once in a while) are taught to encourage children and parents to make healthy choices. Details!

Apple TreeThe difference between an apple and an orange? How about the difference between an apple and an apple? This seemingly straightforward, most American of fruits actually is possessed of complexities that can make one variety very different from another.

Sue Lednicky, a nutrition educator with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, said what she likes about apples is pretty basic: “I like to eat them.” But when asked to elaborate, she gets a little more discriminating. Read more!