Photo of Thersa Byington and YaeBin Kim

Teresa Byington and YaeBin Kim

Two Cooperative Extension associate professors walked away with a national award for their work in Clark County to strengthen child care teachers’ language and literacy teaching practices aimed at improving preschool children’s learning of language and literacy skills.

Teresa Byington, early childhood development specialist, and YaeBin Kim, parenting education and family literacy specialist, received the first place National (and first place Western Region) Early Childhood Child Care Training Award at the National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Session held October 16-19 in Omaha, Nebraska.

More than 500 professionals from across the country attended.

The Early Childhood Child Care Training Award recognizes outstanding child care professional training that addresses the needs of young children birth to 8 years of age.

Volunteer assists with loading and pitching pumpkins with the trebuchet at last year’s event.

Volunteer assists with loading and pitching pumpkins with the trebuchet at last year’s event.

Unsold and collected pumpkins will be launched using catapults and a trebuchet in the Silverton Hotel and Casino parking lot.

The catapults were built by East Career Technical Academy students under the guidance of Fausto Vega, who teaches construction skills at the school.

The trebuchet was built by Southern Nevada Recycling Coordinator, Rachel Lewison and retired U.S. Air Force Director, Bruce Romeo.

The catapults are expected to launch the pumpkins about 50 feet while the trebuchet is expected to cover a 100-foot distance.

The launched pumpkins will be composted into soil.

This is the second annual Pitch-a-Pumpkin event.

Enter to win bannerNevada students are invited to showcase their artistic talents and promote radon awareness by entering the 2018 Nevada Radon Poster Contest, offered by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Radon Education Program.

The contest ends Oct. 31.

The contest is open to all children ages 9 to 14 years old enrolled in public, private, territorial, tribal, Department of Defense and home schools.

Children can also enter through a sponsoring group, such as art, computer, library, reading, science, scouting, youth or 4-H clubs.

Details can be found on the website.

Family hiking

Enjoy your day with family & friends!

Children need to be active 60 minutes a day, and walking or biking to school is an easy way to fit activity into a busy day.

Team up with other parents near your home to form “walking school buses” and take turns walking kids to the bus stop or all the way to school.

• Are you too busy to play together as a family? Physical activity can be broken up into shorter amounts throughout the day. Take a 10 minute walk before dinner, or go for a walk or bike ride after dinner for “dessert.” Think about your weekly or daily schedule and make opportunities to be more active. Every little bit helps.
• On weekends, plan a family hike through a scenic park. Children can help plan the route and make a map to use on the hike. Let the kids help rake or gather leaves and make a game of it. The winner gets to jump in the leaf pile first.
Adapted from Iowa Department of Public Health.