Clip art of man in hammockAll Cooperative Extension offices will be closed on Monday, September 4 for Labor Day. Regular hours, 8am to 5pm, will resume on September 5. Thank you.

AugustAlthough summer might be coming to an end that does not mean the end of work for the intrepid Mojave gardener. It can be the time when work is just beginning, or to be more accurate, when the work picks up again after a brief summer lull.

Until it cools down to those balmier autumn levels, many of us will simply look over the garden with a certain level of satisfaction. When temperatures are above 90°F, only a few people are going to pull weeds with the same enthusiasm they had back in the spring.  Even observing our plants as they grow is more than a passive activity.

A healthy garden does not require us to labor terribly energetically at all times. By August, any gardener has earned the right to enjoy what is literally “the fruits of one’s labor”.
Stepping back and paying attention allows us to see what has or has not been successful.  Continue reading.

FallGardeningSince gardening is a year-round activity in Las Vegas, Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program is offering a free evening speaker series, Growing Under the Stars. The monthly speaker and topic will change depending upon the gardening concerns for that month.

In August,  Master Gardener Kristy McCumby-Hyland will guide you through the process of preparing your garden for fall. McCumby-Hyland will discuss what and when to plant for a successful fall garden!

More info available online.

Desert Willow tree

The Desert Willow is a good choice for your desert landscape.

Trees are some of the largest, and can be some of the most expensive, plant material you’ll add to your landscape.

When properly selected, placed, planted and cared for, trees can be the focal point of your garden; however, if improperly placed, planted or cared for, trees can also be the most costly mistake you can make in your landscape.

Luckily, Cooperative Extension is offering a one-day workshop on tree selection and care!