Young girl sitting on grass sneezingWhile we may complain bitterly about our plants enduring the incredible heat, the terrible soils and the ongoing drought, we in southern Nevada sometimes forget that we too might suffer from the environment.

Sneezing, eyes tearing, skin itching, throat swelling – if you have experienced any of these, you know how miserable it can be to have allergies.

For good reason, spring is the time that people think of as the awful allergy season but we should not forget that autumn is also a time when certain plants produce pollen in abundance.

These include desert natives such as sagebrush and saltbush. Read more!

Compost clipartIf you think you can’t compost in the Mojave Desert or if you’ve tried to compost in the desert and haven’t been successful, please consider joining the compost workshop.

When purchased in the stores, compost can be expensive.  So why not make your own?

If you eat fruits and vegetables and throw any parts of them away, you have the beginning makings of compost.

Even if you live in an apartment, you can compost. You can make compost in the smallest of areas…just maybe not conventionally.

Want to add color to your landscape?

Photo of colorful flowers in the landscape

Plan to attend the special themed garden tours this spring with Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners.

The free garden tours, to be held at the Cooperative Extension’s Demonstration and Test Gardens, are offered on three Saturdays this spring.

The tours will kick off on March 11 with “Spring has Sprung” featuring early blooming plants.

Future dates are listed on the website.