Talking about turkey booklet coverYou might think that because turkey is the main attraction in many an American holiday meal most consumers know all they need or want to know about how to buy, store, thaw, stuff, and prepare it.
But that is not necessarily the case, as shown by inquiries received by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Meat and Poultry Hotline.
So let’s talk turkey.
Maybe you’re a first-timer who has offered or was drafted to cook that important holiday bird.  First-timers often learn the “how-to’s” from well meaning friends or relatives who may unintentionally pass on erroneous information.
Even if you’re an old hand who has prepared many turkeys, there may be better – or safer – methods than the ones you’re accustomed to.
Talking About Turkey is stuffed with expert advice you can rely on from the time you buy a turkey to the time you wrap up the leftovers.  You’ll find easy-to-use charts on thawing, cooking times, temperatures, and recipes to round out your meal.