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The Junior Master Gardener program offers a great learning experience!

Let the kids get out of the back-to-school routine and get their hands Grasshppperdirty in the garden with Cooperative Extension’s Junior Master Gardener™ program.

Beginning in September, your child can experience fun, educational, hands-on outdoor gardening activities while learning about plants, water, soil, veggies and more, with an end product they can eat!

In addition, your child can learn leadership skills, safety with tools, community service and much more!

Clipart of tour guideFree guided tours of the gardens are offered each Friday at 10 a.m. at Cooperative Extension’s Demonstration and Test Gardens.

The 3-acre garden offers specialty plantings of roses, milkweeds, herbs, vegetables, fruit orchard, natural wash and cacti.

Meet in the Lobby at the Lifelong Learning Center located at 8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nev.

For more information, call the Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555.



Grapes Vines

Grapes growing at the Research Center & Demonstration Orchard in North Las Vegas.

The two main types of grapes are American and European. They both come in seeded and seedless varieties.

Read about the different varieties available at your grocery store!
Grapes develop sugar and become sweeter as they ripen, but will become no sweeter once picked, so timing the harvest is very important.
California, with its warm climate, supplies 98 percent of the nation’s table grapes. The other 2 percent come from Arizona.
Choose plump, firm grapes that are firmly attached to the stem.
Store grapes in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to one week.
Wash grapes thoroughly under cool running water before eating.

Find recipe suggestions here.

Trampoline clipartSearching for fun, educational outdoor gardening activities for your children this fall?

Visit one of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Junior Master Gardener™ program’s Open Houses and enter to win one of two family 4-packs to FLIPnOUT.

If you register your child for the gardening series at the Open House, score a second entry!

At each open house, you will view projects and collect programmatic information on the upcoming fall sessions which begin in September.

Open houses will be held in the north and south parts of the Valley!

Orange clipart…besides being easy to peel, oranges are rich in vitamin C, low in calories and a good source of ptoassium.
Oranges, as well as other citrus fruits, are high in pectin, a type of fiber.
Choose an orange with firm, smooth skins that feel heavy for their size. This is a sign that the orange is juicy.
Oranges were mentioned in Chinese writings as early as 2000 B.C. By 1178.
A Chinese horticulturist described numerous varieties of oranges growing in one region, including seedless fruit.

Read about orange facts and recipes!.