Honeydew MelonsPacked with goodness, honeydew melons are as nutritious as they are sweet. Honeydew is a relatively low-calorie source of vitamin C.
Approximately 1/8 of the melon supplies only 60 calories while providing half of the day’s needs for vitamin C.
Honeydew is also a good source of potassium, which contributes to a healthy heartbeat.
Find honeydew facts and recipes online!

Sun-hotIn the summer people are outdoors more enjoying a variety of sports and recreational activities and should protect themselves from the summer sun and heat as much as possible.
Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) can be harmful to the skin, and may cause skin cancer.
Overexposure to heat and high temperatures may also lead to heat exhaustion or stroke.
Rutgers University created a fact sheet with some ways you can protect yourself from too much sun.

2015 4-H Baseball Night

2015 4-H Baseball Night

On June 25 the “Baseball Night” will be hosted by 4-H and the Las Vegas 51’s.

Take your family out to watch the Las Vegas 51’s take on the Sacramento River Cats for some baseball fun and support a great cause.

Registration information is available online.


Robotics Camp 2015

Youth participating in the 2015 4-H Robotics Camp.

It’s time to register for the annual 4-H Robotics Camp offered this summer by Cooperative Extension.

The camp, open to youth ages 9-13, is scheduled for June 20-21.

The camp will start at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m.

Every participant can expect to have fun and learn about robots.

All youth will build and program a robot to take home.

Previous 4-H experience is not required!

Photo of Desert Landscape

Desert Landscape

With summer fast-approaching, it’s time to start thinking of our landscapes.

As your plants grow, and your landscape changes, your irrigation needs change, too. No one type of irrigation is good for all plants.

When you have a variety of plants in your landscape, you need a varied irrigation to accommodate those plants.  Hint…there is more than one type of drip irrigation.  

If you’d like to have a better understanding of your irrigation system, or you want to make your system more efficient, then this workshop offered at the Research Center and Demonstration Orchard is for you. 

Proper irrigation can prevent water waste and help you save money.