tomatoes photoThe month of March is usually the time for gardeners in Southern Nevada to be planting tomatoes. It is best to get a head start planting tomatoes because temperatures may get hot earlier than usual.

Selecting tomato varieties adapted to Southern Nevada determines both the quality and quantity of tomatoes grown in the yard. There are a variety of tomatoes that grow well in this area including early, medium, late ad cherry types.

Leaf-footed Bug

Leaf-footed bug on pomegranate

If you garden and want to know about the pests in your garden this is the workshop for you.

Receive answers to your questions during each 4 hour, hands-on learning session.

Participants will roam the gardens and collect insects, then bring them into the classroom and learn more about them.

Specimens preserved will assist in starting a teaching collection for Cooperative Extension’s “Know Nevada Insects” program.

Pre-registration is required for either of the two sessions. Children ages 10 and over may attend the afternoon session only if accompanied by an adult.