Green peasPeas provide low-fat, low-calorie protein; 3/4 cup of peas contains about the same amount of protein as a whole egg or a tablespoonful of peanut butter–but less than half a gram of fat.

All varieties of peas contain vitamins A, C and K as well as thiamin, folate and iron.

Selecting Snow Peas Snow peas should be shiny and flat, with very small peas that are barely visible through the pod.

Storing Snow Peas It’s best to use snow peas as soon as possible. Store unwashed peas in a plastic bag with small holes so
that moisture can escape.

Crunchy tuna spread for bread and Chinese vegetable stir-fry recipes available on the website!

Clip Art of BeesIn 2015, the 245 Las Vegas-based Master Gardeners:

  • answered questions from 2,342 individuals in 103 Nevada zip codes via phone, email and office visits to the Help Desk
  • taught classes or spoke to over 34,325 people at community events
  • recorded 30,183.5 volunteer hours working on 35 community projects. Based on the $23.07/hr. national average, the value of the Master Gardeners volunteer service to Clark County is $696,333.34

Find out how to become a university-trained, certified Master Gardener!

Join Ken Palmer, president ArborMaster, for this unique presentation on chainsaw safety and handling.Chainsaw safety in action

Topics covered include: Safety and Risk Management; Chainsaw Handling and Operation; Precision Cutting Methods and Best Practice; Leveraging and Mechanical Advantage; Chainsaw Preventative Maintenance; and ANSI A-300 Pruning Standards.

Demonstrations include chipper safety and NV Energy will also be doing a powerline safety for the tree worker.

Online registration is available!