PumpkinsCalifornia grown pumpkins are in peak season in fall. They are usually available from October to December.

California grown varieties may be fresher and cost less than varieties shipped from other states or countries.

The Harvest of the Month family newsletter features recipes, produce tips, family time activities, nutrition information on tips on using fresh pumpkins.


  1. Explore a local park or historic district on foot.Clip art basketball
  2. Go back to school. Sign up to learn a new activity like dancing or yoga.
  3. Walk the sidelines while your kids play soccer or football.
  4. Take a martial arts class as a family. Everyone starts as “white-belt” beginners.
  5. Join a local cycling or hiking group.
  6. Volunteer with a civic group to clean up the litter on a stretch of highway.
  7. Play basketball at a local gym.
  8. Plan family work parties to rake leaves, chop wood, plant bulbs — whatever needs to be done.
  9. Campaign door to door for a political candidate or a cause you support.
  10. Visit a corn maze or pumpkin patch.
  11. Go window shopping: Do a walking circuit around an indoor shopping mall when it’s dark or the weather is bad.
  12. Start now to get in shape for the hiking or biking vacation you want to take next spring.

Hope Health ~ No. 10899

Pruning workshop

Master Gardener Debra Jacobson explains the proper way to prune during a workshop on Oct. 17.

Master Gardener volunteers have been educating local homeowners on the what, where, when, why and how’s of productive landscapes and gardens in the Mojave Desert since 2003.

Throughout the 12 years, the City of Henderson’s Acacia Park has been a constant partner offering their facility to host these free workshops held on Saturday’s in the spring and fall.

Master Gardener Loretta Oakes is the chair of this long-running project.