Peeled BananaHere are some fun facts about Bananas!

Though all tropical countries grow bananas, most of our bananas come from Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Colombia.

Bananas are also grown in Iceland, in soil heated by geysers.

The inside of a banana peel can substitute as a polishing rag for leather shoes; its slippery qualities clean and condition the shiny surface nicely.

Tips about bananas and recipes can be found on our website.

Mother and daughter shopping for vegetables

Fresh vegetable shopping!

Many children are unfamiliar with many foods.  This is typical of children of any age, and even of some adults!  It would be extremely beneficial to your children if they could experience new and different foods with you, simply while shopping at the grocery store.  Find a few simple tips to help you examine new foods with your children and turn the experience into learning you can both enjoy!