Desert Willow treeView a variety of landscape and fruit trees – big, small, blooming, evergreen, fruiting, or fall color.

Learn how to choose the right tree and the right spot to enhance your yard. Join the Master Gardener’s fall garden tour.

The Demonstration Gardens contain over 500 species of desert appropriate landscape plants, including: trees, shrubs, perennials, palms, cacti and agaves.  Plants are identified by botanical and common names.

The grounds are open for self-guided walks on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Get Rattled LogoRattlesnakeRattlesnakes are still active due to the mild weather and low precipitation, fostering an earlier and longer snake season. If you enjoy activities that take you and your dog(s) outdoors, you and your pet(s) may be at risk for encountering rattlesnakes. And as the snakes keep moving in search of food and mates, they are ending up in peoples own backyards.

This training comes just in time for the opening of hunting season, while the snakes are still out, and will give dogs a head start for next spring which is expected to be equally as heavy with snakes as this year.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, in collaboration with Get Rattled, highly encourages pet owners to take part in this important Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Clinic on Oct. 3.

PomegranateThe pomegranate is a native fruit of Persia. Its name in Latin means “apple with many seeds.” The fruit, which is about the size of an apple, has a thin rind lined with a layer of white embrane which divides the fruit into several cells. Each cell contains numerous seeds encased in a juicy pulp. The outer rind color is pink to deep red when the fruit is mature on the most popular varieties for eating. Learn all about ways to use pomegranates.

Healthy Kids Festival Logo

Choose activities that you enjoy and can do regularly. Fitting activity into a daily routine can be easy — such as taking a brisk 10 minute walk to and from the parking lot, or bus stop.

Or, join an exercise class. Keep it interesting by trying something different on alternate days. Every little bit adds up and doing something is better than doing nothing.

This year’s Healthy Kids Festival will be held on Saturday, September 26 from 10am to 2pm at Paradise Park.

Variety of potatoes in a cartWhere can you find potato talk, picking potatoes, storing potatoes, oven-wedge fries recipe, stuffed baked potato recipe, and 10 reasons to eat more potatoes?


One click to find out all about taters!