Vacation clipartWant to send off summer with a little rest and relaxation, but haven’t had a chance to plan an elaborate vacation? No worries. You can take a trip even if you don’t have much time to put it together. 

  • Look at “off-peak” destinations. Think about popular winter destinations for summer travel. Hotels want to fill empty rooms and may offer extra perks, lower rates, or package deals.
  •  Be flexible with flights. If you’re flying, consider leaving and arriving at different airports. You’ll have more options and a better chance of snagging a lower-cost flight. Also consider flying during off-peak hours or taking non-direct flights. Also, staying over at a destination at least three nights may save money on airfares in some locations. Consider comparing the cost of airfare differences versus extra hotel and meal expenses when shopping for airfares.
  • Work with a travel agent who’s in the know about vacation spots and has access to last-minute package deals and special airfares.
  • Once you get to your vacation spot, stop by the local visitors bureau. These offices are generally staffed with eager, knowledgeable people who are glad to give you free advice and maps, and may even help you find accommodations (sometimes at special discounts).

 Source: American Institute of CPAs; HopeHealth~No. 12107