Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association wins award

Photo of Councilwoman March, Debra and Andrew Jacobson

Councilwoman Debra March with Debra Jacobson (center) and Andrew Jacobson at the awards presentation in December.

Master Gardener training and expertise paid off for the Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association with the “Premiere Community Award” presented by the City of Henderson. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Debra Jacobson brought her desert gardening knowledge and designed the desert-friendly landscaping. Acting as the Landscape Advisor for the Association, Jacobson assisted with this process. Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association is located near Burkholder Road and Cloudcrest Drive in Henderson, Nev. Debra March, Councilwoman for the City of Henderson, presented the award to Debra and Andrew Jacobson at the Neighborhood Leadership Forum meeting in December. Mr. Jacobson is the president of the Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association.

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