Raised bed garden

Raised beds, such as these, make gardening easier.

Free classes offered this spring in 11 Nevada locations

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is offering a series of three free classes at 11 locations statewide for maturing gardeners. The “Gardening Smarter as We Mature” series teaches how to garden more easily as the body changes and ages.

The classes are taught by Health, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Specialist Anne Lindsay and Social Horticulture Specialist Angela O’Callaghan. They will focus on the biomechanics of the body, covering gross and fine motor skills, core strengthening, cardiovascular health, strength and endurance. Participants will learn practical gardening applications, such as simplifying gardening life, prioritizing tasks, using lower-maintenance plants and gardening in raised beds.

Gardening in Small Places: composting will explain how to create a balanced compost even if you do not have a large garden spot. The workshop, taught by Dr. Angela O’Callaghan, is designed to provide the gardener with knowledge on vermicomposting and more. Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend. Class space is limited to 25 and pre-registration is required. There is a $25 fee per class which covers class materials.

Composting class

You can compost in the smallest of containers!

Having an herb garden is an easy and pretty way to improve the taste of most foods. There is something rustic and relaxing about going out to cut fresh rosemary, thyme, or whatever – even the blandest vegetables taste better with the addition of something fresh and savory from the garden. Keeping things growing outdoors when temperatures are lower than 40°F is tricky, but herbs lend themselves to growing indoors, like houseplants, without much effort.