ChristmasTreeThere are so many traditions that come with the holidays, and the season would be far less enjoyable without them.

Plants, meals and presents are all indispensable. Traditional foods and gifts vary widely among different individuals and their cultures, but we have a few essential plants.

The Christmas tree is possibly the most obvious example. Would it really be a holiday if there were no Christmas trees?

When December rolls around, homes around the country must often be reorganized in order to accommodate a tree, whether it is to be fir or spruce, fresh cut, potted, or even artificial.

Now most of the US and Europe follow the custom, although there are many explanations as to how it became so important.

Clipart of Christmas presentsAlmost every year, there comes a terrible moment when we realize that we forgot to get a gift for someone special.

It could be an employee, an in-law or a neighbor, but it would be awkward not to have a gift for that person.

If that person is a gardener, then all is not lost. There are many ideas for presents that will bring a big smile to someone whose free time is taken up with encouraging plants to thrive.

Find ideas for last minute gifts.


Congratulations signCooperative Extension Southern Area Master Gardener’s Rose Garden received a certificate of achievement in the Small Garden Class at the national Pacific South West District’s 2015 Annual Convention, Sunshine ‘n Roses, held in November.

The Pacific Southwest District is the largest of the 17 districts that comprise the American Rose Society. The District spans Southern California, Arizona, parts of Nevada, New Mexico and West Texas with almost 2,000 volunteer Rosarians represented by 29 local rose societies that are affiliates and chapters of the American Rose Society.

The Convention, held in Mesa, AZ, was hosted by Mesa East Valley Rose Society with the assistance of other Arizona rose societies.