Sweet Corn Fresh Tomatoes Sign

Master Gardener Helen Brown will present two “Time for Tomatoes” workshops in February. Brown, a Master Gardener since 1997, is a local expert on growing vegetables—especially tomatoes and vine crops.  Las Vegas has two tomato seasons–spring/early summer and fall/early winter. Now is the perfect time to start tomato seeds indoors and get a bountiful first crop before the summer temperatures stop production. Please visit the Cooperative Extension website for all of the details about the two workshops.


Do you know the difference between vermiculture and vermicomposting? Vermiculture is the process of breeding worms. Vermicomposting is the process of turning or…ganic debris into vermicompost. There is some common ground as a successful vermicomposting activity will usually have breeding worms. It’s the final goal the separates the two.

University of Illinois Extension has a great website on composting manure, yard wastes and food scraps.