Clipart of TreeTrees are some of the largest, and can be, the most expensive plant material you’ll add to your landscape. Knowing what trees do the best in the Mojave Desert is only part of the story; knowing where to put them, how to plant them and how to care for them can help you prevent some costly mistakes. Laura Eisenberg will teach you how to pick a landscape tree and how to care for it so it will become the landscape centerpiece you knew it could be. Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

Red rose drawingJoin Angela O’Callaghan, social horticulturist for Cooperative Extension, as she answers the many questions about what exactly an organic garden is and what are the pluses and minuses. The September meeting covers what changes, if any, do you need to make and why? What difference will I see and how will I know when my garden is truly organic? Will my roses and other plants look and act differently? How will I know?

Lantana plants


If you hear native and desert adapted plants and think of only cactus, you couldn’t be more wrong!  There is a lot of beauty in the desert and not all of it is spiny. Professor M.L. Robinson will show and tell you about the plants you can use to have a beautiful and colorful desert garden all while saving money, energy and water! Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend. To register, visit the website!

MG Janet Puckett conducts a garden tour

Get your garden ready for fall planting.

Cooperative Extension’s first fall garden tour is Saturday, September 20-What Survived the Summer.  As you tour the Demonstration Gardens at the Lifelong Learning Center, learn what plants give color and interest to the desert landscapes through the heat of the summer. More information is available online.