Red rose drawingFree and open to the public, the April 24 meeting topic is Rose Pests and Diseases: The Usual and Rare presented by Larry Kaplan, South Valley Rose Society Yearbook Editor. Certain pests and diseases are attracted to roses. You will learn how to identify the common pests and diseases that are usual and the unusual ones which are important. Treat or not to treat is the question to answer. If treated what products to use, organics or inorganics? Are there homemade recipes available? More info!

Tom Perrigo, Chief Sustainability Officer at the City of Las Vegas, contacted Angela O’Callaghan and Elaine Fagin for information on how to start a Community Garden at City Hall for their employees.  

 Tom said outside the cafeteria they have bushes planted and felt that was not the best use of the space. He wants to use that space for the employees to grow their edibles. 

 Angela and Elaine have been instructing the Las Vegas City employees at City Hall on how to establish a community garden. Their classes are directed at teaching the potential gardeners how to be successful gardeners in the Mojave Desert. 

 Collage of pictures from the City Hall planting

On March 24, the employees along with the assistance of Angela and Elaine planted their edible garden! Angela & Elaine are now teaching a monthly class at City Hall for their gardeners. Email Angela or call 702-257-5581.



Professor M.L. Robinson at irrigation workshop.

Join Cooperative Extension Professor M.L. Robinson, environmental horticulturist, on Saturday, April 19, for a workshop on the different types of irrigation and how they are best used to figure out what would work best in your landscape. Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend. Click here to register online, by phone or email.


4-H, a University of Nevada Cooperative Extension youth development program, is inviting the community to come and enjoy the fun and exciting world of science at the 4-H Science Day on April 17. 4-H Science Day will host activities and demonstrations on rocketry, chemical reactions, electricity, geocaching, wind energy and more. There will be hands-on events and educational fun for everyone. Details!

Chemical Reaction Demo

Beatty Elementary School Chemical Reaction

Rocketry Demo

Beatty Elementary School Rocketry

Picture of PeachesOn Saturday, April 12 at 9 a.m., a Fruit Tree class will be presented by Master Gardener Jeneane Young. Trees make up the structure of your landscape design, are beautiful, provide shade for those hot summer months, allow birds and wildlife a habitat, and may also provide edible fruit. This outdoor class is free and open to the public.

Acacia Park is located at 50 Casa Del Fuego (Intersection of 215 & 515) in Henderson, Nev. The Master Gardeners will have an “Ask a Master Gardener” table at the Park on class days. Master Gardener volunteers are also available to answer questions through the Home Gardening Help Line, 257-5555. The Help Line is staffed Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. -5 p.m.