4-H JMG Blackberries Club Photo

4-H JMG Blackberries Club

Say Hello to the newest 4H club, the Junior Master Gardeners Blackberries! Their meetings are held at the Clark County Center for Sustainable Urban Food Production in North Las Vegas! For more information about 4-H in Clark County, visit/like the 4-H Facebook page.


Ask A Master Gardener SignThe recent freeze “did in” the last of the warm season vegetable crops (there’s a reason they’re called “warm season!”). The tomatoes and basil flourished during the warm fall, but they couldn’t survive the low of 15 degrees in our Las Vegas Master Gardener Community Garden. The cool season veggies, the carrots, parsley and brassicas (cabbage, beets and broccoli), got “nipped,” but not to worry–they should all come back and produce normally. Call/email the Las Vegas Master Gardeners at 702-257-5555 with your vegetable gardening questions.