Team Course Challenge Team Course ChallengeIf a teamwork-based challenge is in your organization’s 2014 professional development schedule, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension offers just the venue. Our Team Development Course™ encourages our clients to develop as individual professionals, grow as high functioning teams, improve customer service and excel as innovative organizations. Cooperative Extension’s Team Development Course program offers both an inside and outside hands-on, team experience.

The Team Development Course will provide a group challenge experience to hone team building skills such as listening, leadership, strategy and communication while embarking on an adventurous and challenging mission. Through fun activities participants acquire a deeper understanding of themselves and others, help them communicate more effectively with colleagues, help them to understand why they react to situations differently than others and helps them discover many valuable insights that have innumerable applications in work, family, and personal relationships.

The Team Development Course has two objectives: 1) Increase the decision making, problem solving and personal leadership skills of participants and 2) Increase the effectiveness of teamwork and how to work with others. For more information, click here!