Red RoseClark County Cooperative Extension and the South Valley Rose Society are collaborating and offering educational meetings throughout the fall.   Free and open to the public, September’s meeting topic is:

September 26   Gardening Benefits for Roses— Dr. Angela O’Callaghan, Social Horticulturist Specialist

How does one create and then maintain a rose garden using organic gardening practices? What is involved? Is it labor intensive? What are the pluses and benefits and how will I know what to look for? Details!

BEFORE growing up to become farmers, a startling number of America’s rural kids are taught how to build rockets. Every year rural skies fill with mini-missiles built by children. The largest fly hundreds of feet, carrying altimeters, parachutes and payloads of eggs. Baseball diamonds are popular launch sites, as are alfalfa fields: the latter tend to be large and, compared with other crops, alfalfa tolerates a fair bit of trampling. All this tinkering and swooshing explains a lot about American farms.

4-H Rocketry Cartoon

Great Article about 4-H rockets away! Visit/like the Clark County 4-H Facebook page to read more!


Ask A Master Gardener SignThe Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada will offer demonstrations on Roses and Garlic this Saturday at the Fresh 52 Farmers Market at Tivoli.

Stop by from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. to “Ask a Master Gardener” your gardening questions.  Free information and Cooperative Extension gardening publications!  Master Gardeners are at Tivoli on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

Photo of a Cactus Plant in BloomIf you hear native and desert adapted plants and think of only cactus, you couldn’t be more wrong!  There is a lot of beauty in the desert and not all of it is spiny.  On September 21, Professor M.L. Robinson will show and tell you about the plants you can use to have a beautiful and colorful desert garden all while saving money, energy and water!  Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend. Read more!